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AUP College of Medicine Continues to Shine in the April 2024 Physician Licensure Examinations

by | May 6, 2024

The Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) College of Medicine continued to shine through its commitment to excellence by achieving remarkable results in the April 2024 Physician Licensure Examinations. They have achieved an impressive passing rate of 91.89% for first-time takers, surpassing the national passing rate of 55.5%.

A total of 36 AUP-COM graduates successfully passed the examination with an overall performance of 77.08%:

  1. Abuel, Carl Anthony
  2. Aclan, Johanna Denice
  3. Aglosolos, Nathaniel Jude
  4. Bacani, Jeffer Barnd
  5. Bathan, Trisha Noreen
  6. Belvis, Jergen
  7. Cabacang, Lyra Pamela Vera
  8. Cablinda, Yllen Law
  9. Campos, Pinky
  10. Canoy, Gepher
  11. De Castro, Janine Noelle
  12. Fetalvero, Alyssa Andra
  13. Flores, Rovi Anne
  14. Gealone, Regine Grace
  15. Ilagan, Claudette Jane
  16. Lagariza, Brent
  17. Laja, Aezle Astley
  18. Lilagan, Iamy Gael Juline
  19. Lim, Johannes Kevin
  20. Llorin, Joy Lovelyn
  21. Magauay, RoseJane
  22. Manatad, Dione Kirk
  23. Novabos, Lyle Jobe
  24. Paredes, Denise Joyce
  25. Paso, Shanygne
  26. Penalba, Gem Cyrell
  27. Perdon, Bealddues Levy
  28. Piodos, Doz
  29. Pollito, Maricel
  30. Ramirez, Riel Mari
  31. Recometa, Renchie Erika
  32. Sabado, Eunice Fe
  33. Tugade, Charles Edward Joseph
  34. Valmores, Denmark
  35. Karamihan, Paul Alvin
  36. Bicera, Guilther

“God provided me with the time the resources and the blessing. All I must do was do my part no matter how little that is with faith He will bless my efforts,” Shanygne Paso, one of the passers, testified. “Claim His promises. Reach out and take God’s hand today. Trust Him with every aspect of your life and be content with the uncertainties,” she concluded.

The AUP College of Medicine’s success in the 2024 PLE reflects the institution’s commitment to nurturing competent and compassionate healthcare professionals. As these newly physician missionaries step into their roles, they carry with them the values instilled by the College “through Christ, healing and wholeness.”



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