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AUP Empowers NELAC Students to Shine On during their Career Week

by | Apr 25, 2024

Career Week, a significant event at Northeast Luzon Adventist College, Alicia, Isabela, on April 23, 2024, was a platform that empowered students to chart their paths to success.

With an impressive turnout of 344 senior high school students, the event was a testament to their eagerness to explore and make meaningful career choices. NELAC SHS Principal Saddy Jovellanos warmly welcomed all, setting the tone for a productive day of career exploration.

The University Advancement team, serving as the beacon of career guidance, played a pivotal role during the event. With a commitment to excellence and anchored in God’s word, Advancement Director Oemer Rey Daquila inspired students to make significant decisions about their career paths. His words resonated with the students, leaving a lasting impact on their career choices.

NELAC students had the opportunity to “experience, see, and taste” the Adventist University of the Philippines through Marketing Officer Ron Ivan Perdido. He orchestrated engaging promotions, allowing students to participate and ask questions regarding each College program.

“Even before AUP’s promotion, I had already set my sights on studying there, as it has been a dream of mine ever since my first visit to the University,” Cristy Abara, one of the grade 12 students, expressed. “I was thrilled to have MAC and AUP visit our school to showcase and highlight the offerings of our [Adventist] institution. Their promotion reinforced my decision and motivated me to promptly submit my application, enabling me to pursue further the path I am passionate about,” she concluded.

In collaboration with Manila Adventist College, the Advancement Team played a crucial role in promoting Adventist education. Both sister institutions shared their unique offerings, and NELAC Dean for Academics, Dr. Vergilio Quimba, warmly welcomed the two institutions. The event served as a bridge, connecting students with valuable resources for their educational and career journeys and providing them with the necessary support and guidance to navigate their paths confidently.

As the Career Week concluded, students left with renewed determination and a clearer vision of their future paths as they shine for Jesus.


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