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AUP Ranks 6th for New RMTs, Acosta Shines in Top 7

by | Apr 1, 2024

The University celebrated the newest batch of Registered Medical Technologists (RMTs) who passed the March 2024 licensure examination results, which were released on March 27, 2024.

The Medical Laboratory Science Department achieved 6th place among top-performing schools with a 98.31% passing rate, compared to the national passing rate of 80.6%.

Among the 58 examinees, Pittzman Jo R. Acosta, RMT, AUP-MLS Paglaum 2023, has made a remarkable achievement by ranking top 7 nationwide.

Acosta reflected on his academic experience from the pandemic until the board examinations. He stated that “studying is a holistic experience! AUP reminded me that we should never sequester ourselves. I have my classmates, family, teachers, and God to thank for.”

“We are witnesses to His miracles. We are the testimonies of His mercies. I hope that the challenges that I went through become a lesson for everyone. [This] success is a testament to how God works in us. You cannot finish a journey on your own. You need a friend, a family, and a God who shines a light on your path,” Acosta concluded.

Here is the list of the successful examinees from AUP:

  1. Acosta, Pittzman Jo R
  2. Aguila, Lorenzo C
  3. Almarez, Camille Ann R
  4. Artiga, Victoria B
  5. Badilles, Harry V
  6. Batuigas, Fritz Jane M
  7. Bautista, Faye Dominique V
  8. Bay, Hazel F
  9. Belmonte, Chidelle D
  10. Bencito, Q Beryl R
  11. Blancio, Vanessa May J
  12. Buera, Michaela G
  13. Caagbay, John Almer P
  14. Cacuyong, Shane Bernadette A
  15. Corpuz, Ma Patricia Kate F
  16. Cortez, Hazel J
  17. Dela Cruz, Humphrey S
  18. Desoasido, Eddrei Paullynne D
  19. Dimayuga, Mutya Veronica C
  20. Em, Edward M
  21. Espinosa, Agape Cristy C
  22. Estrebilla, Kyjn Franster R
  23. Falcunitin, Lislybel R
  24. Fallaria, Charlotte Fae F
  25. Famaran, Ken Paolo M
  26. Fiedacan, Aeronn D
  27. Fiedacan, Kate Mariane M
  28. Galanza, Sweet Queenie L
  29. Guiquing, Faye Mariele R
  30. Labradores, Rochiele E
  31. Laroa, Marie Danielle P
  32. Macahilo, Keziah Marie A
  33. Manalili, Mary Lynne L
  34. Marcera, Ramlev B
  35. Martinez, Czerlle Keith P
  36. Miranda, Danielle Dana P
  37. Morales, Francheska Marie P
  38. Ornopia, Marchie Lynn T
  39. Pagkalinawan, Michelle N
  40. Paquiao, Ruevein Bob D
  41. Piol, Dennise Julinne M
  42. Ranes, Charles Andrew T
  43. Remonde, Shadrock A
  44. Reyes, Wrygl Q
  45. Riano, Carl AJ G
  46. Rilloma, Neldon Leoben O
  47. Ringo, Neil-Mhar D
  48. Riosa, James Karl G
  49. Rojales, Inna Patricia V
  50. Ronato, Jether RJ B
  51. Rubio, Caryl Beam G
  52. Sian, Jessa Ivana D
  53. Sinuhin, John Mark S
  54. Somoso, Nhemie Llewr R
  55. Tanacio, Shekinah S
  56. Tayamora, Jullienne Faye M
  57. Ubasa, Prym J
  58. Wagayan, Rhocer Ray G




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