Dormitory/Apartment Reservation Procedure

STEP 1. The student will contact the concerned home dean and apply for a room reservation through email. Application for dorm/apartment reservation is as follows:

a. New student/applicant. He or she can start room reservation from the 1st day of pre-registration until the 1st day of general registration.

b. Existing dormitorian/apartment dwellers. He or she can reserve one (1) week before the final examination until the 1st day of registration. A slot will not be guaranteed in the event of failure to reserve as scheduled.


Below are the contact details of the home deans:

Dorm/Apartment Home Dean E-mail Address
Ladies Cadena de Amor Hall Lowelyn Barredo
Cattleya Hall Melody Abacan
Dama de Noche Hall Melody Abacan
Ilang-Ilang Hall Rose Susada
Sampaguita Hall Gladys Grace Cadao
Waling-Waling Hall Raquel/Capiendo
Janine Raiza Guzago
Men Acacia Hall Kelly Yunzal
Eastern Hall Crely Flores
Mahogany Hall Elmer Lagarile
Molave A Hall Crely Flores
Molave B Hall Conrad Lo
Molave C Hall Juanito Carbonilla
Apartments A-H Ephraim Canoy


STEP 2. The home dean will send the fillable reservation form and assign a temporary room for the student subject to payment of one (1) month advance and one (1) month deposit within one (1) week after application. You may download fillable form here.


STEP 3. The student will send copy of the official receipt to the home dean. The official receipt can be requested from the accounting department at


STEP 4. Dorm/apartment confirmation must be done on or before the first day of general registration or enrollment. Otherwise, the reservation will be forfeited.