College of Dentistry


New Students to Dentistry Proper

The requirements for admission to Dentistry Proper are as follows:

  1. completed Pre-dent subjects, as reflected in the transcript of records
  2. Certificate of Eligibility for Proper examination
    1. IQ
    2. personality
    3. dexterity
  3. interview
  4. duly accomplished student directory with 2x2 picture

Students who are graduates of any four-year Bachelor of Science course are eligible for admission to Dentistry Proper. 

Students who are graduates of a four-year Bachelor of Arts course must take the following prior to admission to Dentistry Proper:

  1. Science courses
  2. General Inorganic Chemistry                                                                  5 units
  3. Organic Chemistry                                                                                  5 units
  4. General Zoology                                                                                     5 units
  5. Comparative Anatomy                                                                            5 units
  6. General Physics                                                                                      5 units
  7. University Required courses
  8. Life and Teachings  of Jesus                                                                  3 units
  9. Christian Beliefs                                                                                      3 units
  10. College Required courses
  11. Dental History and Orientation                                                                3 units
  12. Personality Development and Community Health                                   3 units   
  13. Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance                                           2 units

Students of four-year courses from foreign countries must take the following courses mandated to the Commission on Higher Education, the university and the College prior to admission to Dentistry Proper:

  1. CHED-mandated courses

                a.  Life and Works of Rizal                                                                              3 units

                b.  Philippine History                                                                                        3 units

                c.  Politics and Governance w/ Philippine Constitution                                     3 units

B.  University Required courses       

                a.  Life and Teachings of Jesus                                                                         3 units

                b.  Christian Beliefs                                                                                            3 units

C.  College Required courses

                a.  Dental History and Orientation                                                                     3 units

                b.  Personality Development and Community Health                                         3 units

                c.  Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance                                                  2 units


The requirements for transferees to Dentistry proper from other dental schools are as follows:

  1. Transcript of records
  2. Examination
    1. IQ
    2. Personality
  3. Interview
  4. Duly accomplished student directory with 2x2 picture
  5. Must be in first, second 1st semester status

Criteria for the crediting of subjects

  • similar course description
  • number of units / hours
  • must have a grade of at least 80%
  • must not have failed a subject twice


First Year

First Semester                                                                                                                           

ENGL 101  Communication Arts I                                                  3

FILI 111  Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino                                  3

MATH 111  College Algebra                                                       3

BIOL 103  General Zoology Lecture                                               3

BIOL 103L General Zoology Laboratory                                            2

CHEM 105  General Chemistry Lecture                                             3

CHEM 105L General Chemistry Laboratory                                          2

RELB 110  Life and Teachings of Jesus                                           3

PHED      Physical Education I                                                  2

VOED 101  Food Production                                                       2

WOED 101  Work Education I                                                      2

               Total                                                           28

Second Semester

ENGL 102  Communications Arts II                                                3

FILI 122  Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik                             3  

CHEM 140  Organic Chemistry I Lecture                                           3

CHEM 140L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory                                        2

DENT 011  Dental History and Orientation                                        3

PSYC 111  General Psychology with Drug Prevention                               3  

SOSC 202  Society & Culture with Family Planning/HIV & AIDS                     3

RELB 113  Christian Beliefs                                                     3

PHED      Physical Education II                                                 2

WOED 102  Work Education II                                                     2

               Total                                                           25

Second Year

First Semester

ENGL 301  Advanced English Grammar                                              3

BIOL 201  Comparative Anatomy Lecture                                           3

BIOL 201L Comparative Anatomy Laboratory                                        2

LITT 201  Philippine Literature                                                 3

SOSC 102  Politics & Governance with Phil. Constitution                         3

CMSC 101  Introduction to Computer Science                                      3

DENT 021  Personal and Community Health                                         3

RELB 124  Philosophy of Adventist Education                                     2

PHED      Physical Education III                                                2

          NSTP                                                                  3

               Total                                                           27

Second Semester

PHYS 231  General Physics I Lecture                                             3

PHYS 231L General Physics I Laboratory                                          2

SOSC 401  Logic with Critical Thinking                                          3

PHIL 100  General Philosophy                                                    3

DENT 022  Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance                               2

SOSC 201  Life and Works of Rizal                                               3

HIST 101  Philippine History                                                    3

RELB 220  Daniel and Revelation                                                 3

PHED      Physical Education IV                                                 2

          NSTP                                                                  3

               Total                                                           27

Total Units Required                                                          107 units


Language/Humanities                                                            24

English                                                                9

Communication Arts I                                          3

Communication Arts II                                         3

Advanced English Grammar                                      3

Filipino                                                               6

Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino                          3

Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik                     3

Humanities Subjects                                                    9

Logic                                                         3

General Philosophy                                            3

Philippine Literature                                         3

Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology                       31


College Algebra                                               3

Natural Sciences

General Zoology                                                    5

Comparative Anatomy                                                5

General Inorganic Chemistry                                        5

Organic Chemistry                                                  5

General Physics                                                    5

Information Technology

Introduction to Computer Science                                   3

Social Sciences                                                                15

General Psychology                                                 3

Society & Culture w/ Family Planning/HIV & AIDS                    3

Life & Works of Rizal                                              3

Politics & Governance w/ Philippine Constitution                   3

Philippine History                                                 3

Other Required Courses                                                          6

Dental History and Orientation                                     3

Personal and Community Health                                      3

Religion                                                                       11

Life and Teachings of Jesus                                        3

Christian Beliefs                                                  3

Philosophy of Adventist Education                                  2

Daniel and Revelation                                              3

Physical Education                                                              8

National Service Training Program (NSTP)                                        3

Vocational Education/Work Education                                             8

Food Production                                                    2

Work Education I                                                   2

Work Education II                                                  2

Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance                            2

Total                                                                         107


DENT        011         Dental History and Orientation (3 units).  This course emphasizes on acquainting the students with the practice of dentistry as a profession.  This includes the history of dentistry and how the profession has evolved through the ages to the present.

CHEM       105         General Inorganic Chemistry I (3 units lecture, 2 units laboratory).  An introductory course which includes discussions on atomic theory, atomic and molecular structure, bonding, changes matter undergoes, reactions and chemical equations, solutions, gases, colloidal dispersions and stoichiometry. Co-requisite: College Algebra

CHEM       140         Organic Chemistry (3 units lecture, 2 units laboratory).  A study of organic compounds with emphasis in the nomenclature (IUPAC), structure, the physical and chemical properties of molecules in relation to its functional groups, and the preparation and reactions of the different organic molecules.  Pre-requisite: General Inorganic Chemistry I

BIOL         103         General Zoology (3 units lecture, 2 units laboratory).  An introduction to the principles of biology and the classification of animal life.  Emphasis on characteristic features of taxonomical groups, life cycles and biogeography.

BIOL         155         Comparative Anatomy (3 units lecture, 2 units laboratory).  A study of the pattern of organ systems in the different classes of vertebrates.  Dissection of specimen from different representative groups is required in the laboratory work.  Pre-requisite: General Zoology

PHYS         131         General Physics I (3 units lecture, 2 units laboratory).  The mathematics background is elementary algebra and trigonometry.  This is a study of solid matter and its properties and mechanics.  Pre-requisite: College Algebra

DENT        021         Personality Development and Community Health (3 units).  This course acquaints students with the factors that contribute to personal well-being and techniques and processes in organizing a community for the development of health consciousness.

                    This course embraces the knowledge of health for both immediate and future needs of the community, health of the people in the community, preventive measures of controlling diseases and personal hygiene.  It involves the proper nutrition of the individual and the community as well.

ENGL        301         Advanced English Grammar (3 units).  This course provides instruction and practice leading to better writing skills.  The coverage includes the basic sentence patterns and ways of transforming and diagramming them; verb usage and system for expanding verbs; addition of modifiers (phrases and clauses) to sentences; coordination and subordination of ideas, some common questions about usage and conventions of capitalization and punctuation.

CMC          110         Introduction to Computer Science (2 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory).  An introductory course on computers and data processing.  It aims to familiarize students with the capabilities and limitations of computers.  It presents how computer programs are developed and provides students with basic skills in programming through                           

DENT        022         Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance (2 units).  This course focuses on acquainting the students with the equipment of the dental office; the use and maintenance of instruments and apparatus in the dental practice.

SOSC         155         Logic (3 units).  This is a course in correct reasoning.  It deals with the methods and principles of inferential thinking, their application to every subject that calls for them and their practical application to everyday life.




First Semester

DENT 111  General Anatomy I (Regional Anatomy)                                  5

DENT 112  General Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology                            4

DENT 113  Biochemistry                                                          5

DENT 114  Oral Anatomy                                                          4

DENT 115  Computer Fundamentals and Dental Informatics                          3

          Total                                                                21

Second Semester

DENT 121  General Anatomy II (Head and Neck Anatomy)                            5

DENT 122  Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology                               4

DENT 123  General Physiology                                                    4

DENT 124  Dental Materials                                                      3

DENT 125  Nutrition in Dental Education                                         2

DENT 126  Occlusion                                                             1

               Total                                                           19


First Semester

DENT 221  General Pathology                                                     4

DENT 222  Pharmacology                                                          3

DENT 223  Restorative Dentistry I                                               4

DENT 224  Prosthodontics I (Crown and Bridge)                                   4

DENT 225  Microbiology                                                          3

DENT 226  Oral Physiology                                                       3

             Total                                                             21

Second Semester

DENT 221  Oral Pathology I                                                      4

DENT 222  Restorative Dentistry II                                              3

DENT 223  Prosthodontics II (Removable Partial Prosthodontics)                  4

DENT 224  Prosthodontics III (Complete Prosthodontics)                          4

DENT 225  Anesthesiology                                                        3

DENT 226  Orthodontics I                                                        3

DENT 227  Roentgenology                                                         3

              Total                                                            24



DENT 301  Sedation                                                              1

DENT 302 Periodontology I                                                       1

DENT 303 Oral Diagnosis I                                                       1

DENT 304 The Dentist as a Missionary                                            2

              Total                                                             5

First Semester

DENT 311 Oral Surgery I                                                         2

DENT 312 Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning II                               2

DENT 313 Endodontics                                                            3

DENT 314  Orthodontics II                                                       3

DENT 315  Introduction to Research                                              2

DENT 316  Principles of Medicine                                                2

DENT 317  Periodontology II                                                     2

DENT 318  Clinical Dentistry I                                                  6

               Total                                                           22

Second Semester

DENT 321  Oral Surgery II                                                       2

DENT 322  Technical and Scientific Writing                                      2

DENT 323  Practice Management                                                   2

DENT 324  Oral Pathology II                                                     3

DENT 325  Dental Jurisprudence and Ethics                                       2

DENT 326  Community Dentistry I                                                 2

DENT 327  Pediatric Dentistry                                                   2

DENT 328  Clinical Dentistry II                                                 6

DENT 328  Forensic Dentistry                                                    1

               Total                                                           22


First Semester

DENT 411  Hospital Dentistry I                                                  3

DENT 412  Community Dentistry II                                                3

DENT 413  Restorative Dentistry Seminar I                                       1

DENT 414  Prosthodontics Seminar I                                              1

DENT 415  Oral Medicine Seminar I                                               2

DENT 416  Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry Seminar I                            1

DENT 417  Clinical Dentistry III                                               10

DENT 418  Current Trends in Dentistry                                           1

DENT 419  Basic Dental Implantology                                             1

               Total                                                           23

Second Semester

DENT 421  Hospital Dentistry II                                                 1

DENT 422  Community Dentistry III                                               3

DENT 423  Restorative Dentistry Seminar II                                      1

DENT 424  Prosthodontics Seminar II                                             1

DENT 425  Oral Medicine Seminar II                                              2

DENT 426  Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry Seminar II                           1

DENT 427  Clinical Dentistry IV                                                10

DENT 428  Special Care Dentistry                                                1

               Total                                                           20

Total Units Required                                                          177


Basic Medical Sciences                                                         37

General Anatomy I                                                   5

General Anatomy II                                                  5

Biochemistry                                                        5

General Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology                          4

General Physiology                                                  4

Nutrition                                                           2

Microbiology                                                        3

General Pathology                                                   4

Pharmacology                                                        3

Principles of Medicine                                              2

Basic Dental Sciences                                                          76

Oral Anatomy                                                        4

Occlusion                                                           1

Computer Fundamentals and Dental Informatics                        3

Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology                             4

Dental Materials                                                    3

Restorative Dentistry I                                             4

Prosthodontics I (Crown and Bridge)                                 4

Oral Physiology                                                     3

Oral Pathology I                                                    4

Prosthodontics II (RPD)                                             4

Prosthodontics III (CD)                                             4

Anesthesiology                                                      3

Sedation                                                            1

Orthodontics I                                                      3

Reontgenology                                                       3

Oral Surgery I                                                      2

Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning I                             1

Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning II                            2

Endodontics                                                         3

Introduction to Dental Research                                     2

Periodontology I                                                    1

Periodontology II                                                   2

Oral Surgery II                                                     2

Technical and Scientific Writing                                    2

Practice Management and Entrepreneurship                            2

Oral Pathology II                                                   3

Forensic Dentistry                                                  1

Dental Jurisprudence and Ethics                                     2

Pediatric Dentistry with Child Psychology                           2

Basic Implant Dentistry                                             1

Pre-Clinical Subjects                                                           6

Restorative Dentistry II                                            3

Orthodontics II                                                     3

Clinical Dentistry                                                             33

Clinical Dentistry I                                                6

Clinical Dentistry II                                               6

Clinical Dentistry III                                             10

Clinical Dentistry IV                                              10

Current Trends in Dentistry                                         1

Special Studies:                                                               11

Ortho-Pedo Seminar I                                                1

Prosthodontics Seminar I                                            1

Restorative Dentistry Seminar I                                     1

Oral Medicine Seminar I                                             2

Ortho-Pedo Seminar II                                               1

Prosthodontics Seminar II                                           1

Restorative Dentistry Seminar II                                    1

Oral Medicine Seminar II                                            2

Special Care Dentistry                                              1

Hospital Dentistry                                                              4

Hospital Dentistry I                                                3

Hospital Dentistry II                                               1

Community Dentistry                                                             8

Community Dentistry I                                               2

Community Dentistry II                                              3

Community Dentistry III                                             3

Religion                                                                        2

The Dentist as a Missionary                                         2

Total Units Required                                                          177

Course Descriptions

DENT        011         DENTAL HISTORY AND ORIENTATION (3 units).  This course emphasizes on acquainting the students with the practice of dentistry as a profession.  This includes the history of dentistry and how the profession has evolved through the ages to the present.

DENT        021         PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY HEALTH (3 units).  This course embraces the knowledge of health for both immediate and future needs of the community, health of the people in the community, preventive measures of controlling diseases and personal hygiene.  It involves the proper nutrition of the individual and the community as well.

DENT        022         Dental Equipment Repair and Maintenance (2 units).  This course focuses on acquainting the students with the equipment of the dental office; the use and maintenance of instruments and apparatus in the dental practice.

DENT        111         General Anatomy I (Regional Anatomy) (5 units).  This subject deals with the architecture and interrelation of the different parts of the body obtained by gross dissection and studied by regions involving the different tissues such as bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and different visceral organs which constitute as systemic anatomical knowledge and form the basis for clinical study.

DENT        112         General Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology (4 units).  This course deals with the biological structures of functionally complex integrated cells and tissues that compose the human organ system.  Developmental processes emphasized, particularly the structure of teeth and their supporting tissues, as well as a detailed study of the development of the face, jaws and teeth.

DENT        113         Biochemistry(5 units).  This course deals with the study of chemistry of the biomolecules in the human body and all underlying biochemical processes related to dentistry.

DENT        114         Oral Anatomy (4 units).  The study of the morphology of deciduous and permanent dentition, their arrangement and relationship with supporting structures.  It also includes the study of the paleontology of the human dentition, growth and development of the skull and jaws correlated to the eruption of teeth and the forces of occlusion.

DENT        115         Computer Fundamentals and Dental Informatics (3 units).  This subject deals with the principles and programs of computers as applied to the practice of Dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  Introduction to Computer Science.

DENT        121         General Anatomy II (Head and Neck Anatomy) (5 units).

This subject deals with the thorough study of the head and neck at the macroscopic level.  Emphasis is on the maxillofacial structures, pharyngeal regions and its facial planes.  Clinical correlations included to integrate anatomy with dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  General Anatomy I.

DENT        122         Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology (4 units).  This course deals with the biological structures of functionality complex integrated cells and tissues that compose the human organ system.  Developmental processes are emphasized, particularly the structure of teeth and their supporting tissues, as well as a detailed study of the development of the face, jaws and teeth.

DENT        123         General Physiology (4 units).  A Study of the general physiology with emphasis on the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems to include the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.  Emphasis is given on its practical application to dentistry together with integration of items on family planning and HIV/AIDS.  Pre-requisite: General Anatomy I.

DENT        124         Dental Materials (3 units).  The physical and chemical properties of materials used in dentistry, its clinical application and manipulation.  This includes biomaterials and their application to dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Anatomy.

DENT        125         Nutrition in Dental Education (2 units lecture).  The role of essential nutrients in health and disease with emphasis on maternal and pediatric oral health and the pathogenesis of malnutrition.  Pre-requisite:  Biochemistry.

DENT        126         OCCLUSION (1 unit).  Emphasis is on the guidance of occlusion, kinesiology of occlusion, functional movements of the mandible, occlusal stability and periodontal reaction to physiologic changes.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Anatomy.

DENT        211         General Pathology (4 units).  General Pathology is the study of the origin and basic reaction of cells and tissues to the abnormal stimuli underlying all diseases with emphasis on the pathologic processes of the oral cavity.  Pre-requisite: General Anatomy I and II, General Physiology, Biochemistry.

DENT        212         Pharmacology(3 units).  This course deals with the principles of pharmacodynamics and kinetics, pharmacognosy of different drug groups used in medicine.  Special emphasis is made on the dental significance of these drug actions.  Prescription writing and the proper dispensation of drugs are also discussed.  Medications commonly employed in the management of dental-related diseases are discussed.  Emphasis is stressed on the their potential interaction with total patient care.  Pre-requisite: General Anatomy I and II, General Physiology, Biochemistry.

DENT        213         Restorative Dentistry I(4 units).  This course discusses the basic principles and technique of cavity preparation and the restoration of teeth with silver amalgam alloy and aesthetic restorative materials.  A discussion of the etiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management of dental caries as well as the preventive measures of plaque control.  Pre-requisite: Oral Anatomy, Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology, Dental Materials.

DENT        214         Prosthodontics I (4 units).  Study of the planning and construction of fixed partial dentures considering the biological requirements for restoring the normal oral function and aesthetics.  Pre-requisite: Oral Anatomy, Oral Microscopic Anatomy and Embryology.  Co-requisite: Restorative Dentistry I.

DENT        215         Microbiology (5 units).  A basic course on the biology of pathogenic microorganisms which include bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa, rickettsiae, helminthes and others, as related to oral health.  Emphasis on the dental aspects that are applicable.  Pre-requisite:  General Physiology.

DENT        216         Oral Physiology and Occlusion (3 units).  The physiology of the stomatognathic system and occlusion and its application to the dental practice.

Pre-requisite: General Pathology, Biochemistry

DENT        221         Oral Pathology I (4 units.)  The study that deals with the gross and microscopic abnormalities, as well as the clinical manifestations of oral diseases.  Pre-requisite: General Pathology, Oral Microscopic Anatomy.

DENT        222         Restorative Dentistry II (3 units).  This course discusses the indications, preparations and placement of direct gold restorations, atypical cast gold inlays and onlays, complex amalgam restorations and board-exam type restorations.  Principles of dental aesthetics, adhesion to tooth tissues, preparation of tooth colored restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.  Diagnosis and treatment planning, with emphasis on the selection of the ideal restorative material for different restorative cases.  Pre-requisite: Restorative Dentistry I

DENT        223         Prosthodontics II (Removal Partial Prosthodontics) (4 units).  The basic principles of restoring missing teeth and associated structures of partially edentulous oral cavity with removable prosthesis.  This course also includes designing, prescription writing and the selection of the appropriate biocompatible materials. 

Pre-requisite: Dental Materials, Oral Physiology and Occlusion.

DENT        224         Prosthodontics III (Complete Denture Prosthodontics) (4 units).  A study of the rehabilitation of completely edentulous patient based on the principles of biomechanics and aesthetics using appropriate biocompatible materials.  Pre-requisite: General Anatomy I and II, Oral Anatomy, Oral Physiology and Occlusion, Dental Materials.

DENT        225         Anesthesiology (3 units).  This course covers the history, agents employed, pharmacology, modes of administration, stages, sequence, anxieties, selection and untoward effects of an anesthetic drug.  It also includes regional anatomy and techniques for conductive, infiltration and regional anesthesia.  Pre-requisite:  Pharmacology.

DENT        226         Orthodontics(3 units).  Fundamentals of growth and development of the craniofacial structures and their relation to the stomatognathic system.

DENT        227         Roentgenology (3 units).  This course aims to provide a thorough understanding of the principles of radiography and its application in practice in so far as they are related to the work of a general practitioner.  Emphasis will be given on the materials used in radiography and the principles involved in their use; the properties of a good diagnostic radiograph; radiation safety measures to guard against radiation hazards; intra- and extra-oral radiographic interpretations including normal radiographic landmarks and pathologies.  Pre-requisites:  General Anatomy I and II, Oral Anatomy.  

DENT        301         SEDATION (1 unit).  This subject covers nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation as well as the physiologic and psychological aspects of pain and anxiety control.  Sedation techniques involving intravenous drugs and medicines are discussed as well.  Pre-requisite:  Anesthesiology.

DENT        302         PERIODONTOLOGY I (1 unit).  Review of gross and microscopic anatomy of the periodontium in health and disease.  Primary etiology of periodontal disease.  Examination of patient’s clinical periodontal status and introduction to the diagnosis and treatment planning process.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Pathology I.

DENT        303         ORAL DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PLANNING I (1 unit).  Principles and procedures in developing a systematic method of patient interview.  Emphasis is made on gathering information about a patient.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Physiology, General Pathology, Oral Pathology I.

DENT        304         THE DENTIST AS A MISSIONARY (2 units).  This subject deals with the incorporation of a Christian mission together with the dental profession.

DENT        311         Oral Surgery I (2 units).  The general principles of surgery and how they are applied to dental procedures.  Pre-requisite: General Pathology, Oral Physiology and Occlusion, Anesthesiology, Roentgenology, Pharmacology.

DENT        312         Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning II (2 units).  This course deals with the comparative analysis of oral diseases, as differentiated by their clinical manifestations.  Various supplement tests are discussed to aid in the diagnosis of oral disease.  Pre-requisite: General Anatomy I & II, Oral Anatomy, General Pathology, Oral Pathology I, Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning I, Roentgenology.

DENT        313         Endodontics (3 units).  Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissues.  Pre-requisite: Oral Physiology and Occlusion, Oral Pathology I, Pharmacology, Roentgenology

DENT        314         Orthodontics II (3 units).  Prevention and interception of malocclusion through timely diagnosis of the orthodontic problem.  Pre-requisite: Orthodontics I.

DENT        315         Introduction to dental Research(3 units).  Principles and methods in research and its application to dentistry focused on developing a research protocol.

DENT        316         Principles of Medicine (2 units).  This course is designed to provide a logical framework for learning as well as working knowledge of internal medicine needed for diagnosis of dental patients with medical illnesses in relation to dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  General Anatomy I and II, General Physiology, General Pathology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology.

DENT        317         PERIODONTOLOGY II ( 2 units).  A course on the etiology, pathology, classification and management of periodontal diseases, including a review of the histology and physiology of the periodontium.  Development of philosophy and skills in personal and patient plaque control.  Development of skill and biological basis for periodontal instrumentation.  Impact of these procedures on the bacterial microflora and periodontal tissues.  Comprehensive treatment planning.  Prognostication, limitations, and evaluation of periodontal therapy on a long- and short-term basis, including reationale for maintenance therapy and adjunctive chemical anti-microbial therapy.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Microscopic Anatomy & Embryology, Oral Pathology I, Roentgenology, Periodontology.

DENT        318         Clinical Dentistry I (6 units).  Application of the principles and methods of providing dental care in some clinical areas (Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Periodontics) under the close supervision of the clinical supervisor.  Pre-requisite:  Restorative Dentistry I and II, Prosthodontics I, II and III, Roentgenology.

DENT        321         Oral Surgery II (2 units).  A study of the surgical management of complicated extractions, reductions and fixation of traumatic injuries of the face and jaws and surrounding tissues, and other conditions related to orthognathic surgery and other pathological lesions of the oral cavity.  Orientation is on team approach in surgery with the general surgeon in the management of oral lesions and secondary tissues.  Pre-requisite: Oral Surgery I.

DENT        322         Technical and Scientific Writing(3 units).  The basic principles in preparing a technical paper and thesis for presentation and discussion in scientific forum and/or for publication.  Pre-requisite:  Introduction to Research.

DENT        323         Practice Management (2 units).  The practice of dentistry in relation to the social, economic and cultural conditions of the community. 

DENT        324         Oral Patholgy II (3 units).  The pathology of neoplasm and other diseases of the adjacent structures in the oral csavity with emphasis on laboratory and diagnostic procedures and suggested treatment.  Pre-requisite: Oral Pathology I, Diagnostic and Treatment Planning I and II.

DENT        325         Dental Jurisprudence and Ethics (2 units).  The relation of law and ethics to the dental practice.

DENT        326         Community Dentistry I (3 units).  Concepts, principles and methods of prevention applied to major dental public health problems.

DENT        327         PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY (2 units).  The study of the principles and techniques in the management of the child with dental problems including treatment of injuries and interceptive orthodontics.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Surgery I, Anesthesiology, Orthodontics I & II, Restorative Dentistry I & II, Prosthodontics I.

DENT        328         Clinical Dentistry II (6 units).  Application of the principles and methods of providing dental care in the various clinical areas under close supervision of the clinical supervisor (continuation of Clinical Dentistry I).  Pre-requisite:  Clinical Dentistry I.

DENT        329         FORENSIC DENTISTRY (1 unit).  Deals with the study of dental parts of the body in the confirmation of identity of the victims.  Pre-requisite:  General Pathology, Oral Pathology, Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning II, General Anatomy I & II, Roentgenology, Restorative Dentistry I & II, Prosthodontics I, II, & III, Oral Histology.

DENT        411         Hospital Dentistry I (3 units).  Dental externship for senior students at a local hospital designed to orient the students with hospital procedures and the scope and functions of other divisions of health services.  Pre-requisite:  General and Oral Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Principles of Medicine. 

DENT        412         Community Dentistry II (3 units).  The study of the concepts, principles and methods of prevention applied to major dental public health problems.  Pre-requisite:  Community Dentistry I.

DENT        416         ORTHODONTICS-PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY SEMINAR I.  This course is designed to implement the principles and techniques learned from the basic Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry courses.  Pre-requisite:  Orthodontics I & II, Pediatric Dentistry, Clinical Dentistry I & II.

DENT        417         Clinical Dentistry III (10 units).  Application of principles and methods of providing dental care in the various clinical areas, given a set of clinical requirements with minimum supervision of the clinical supervisor.  Pre-requisite:  Clinical Dentistry II. 

DENT        421         Hospital Dentistry II(1 unit).  Externship for senior students in a local hospital exposure in interdepartmental referral system, and proper hospital decorum.

Pre-requisite: Hospital Dentistry I

DENT        422         Community Dentistry III(3 units).  The principles and methods designed in the practice of community dentistry, including field experience.  Pre-requisite:  Community Dentistry II.

DENT        413         Restorative Dentistry Seminar I (1 unit).  Clinical conference on problems encountered in Restorative Dentistry clinic which is designed to develop critical thinking based on the principles and techniques learned from the basic knowledge in Restorative Dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  Restorative Dentistry I & II, Clinical Dentistry I & II.

DENT        414         Prosthodontics Seminar I (1 unit).  A special study concerned with problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of fixed partial denture and removable partial denture prosthodontics.  Pre-requisite:  Prosthodontics I & II, Clinical Dentistry I & II.

DENT        415         Oral Medicine Seminar I (2 units).  A special study concerned with the problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of endodontics and periodontics.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Pathology I & II, Endodontics, Periodontology I & II Clinical Dentistry I & II.

DENT        416         ORTHODONTICS-PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY SEMINAR I (1 unit).  This course is designed to implement the principles and techniques learned from the basic Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry courses.  Pre-requisite:  Orthodontics I & II, Pediatric Dentistry, Clinical Dentistry I & II.

DENT        418         CURRENT TRENDS IN DENTISTRY (1 unit).   A study concerned with the latest developments in Dentistry like dental materials, dental technology, new techniques and other areas related to clinical dentistry like infection control practices, genetics and medically compromised patients.  

DENT        419         BASIC IMPLANT DENTISTRY (1 unit).  Scientific and technical foundation for implant surgery and expansion of basic implant procedures.  Post-placement care, long-term maintenance and clinical complications associated with dental implants.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Surgery I & II, Prosthodontics I, II & III.

DENT        423         Restorative Dentistry Seminar II(1 unit).  A special study concerned with the problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of Restorative Dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  Restorative Dentistry Seminar I.

DENT        424         Prosthodontics Seminar II (1 unit).  A special study concerned with problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of complete denture prosthodontics.  Pre-requisite:  Prosthodontics Seminar I.

DENT        425         Oral Medicine Seminar II (2 units).  A special study concerned with problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  This will also include different surgical procedures in the treatment of oral diseases and acquired defects of the jaws and its associated structures.

                    This course also tackles the differential diagnosis of orofacial and temporomandibular pain, including current treatment modalities.  Pre-requisite:  Oral Medicine I, Oral Surgery I & II, Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning I & II, General and Oral Pathology, Principles of Medicine, Roentgenology, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology. 

DENT        426         Orthodontics-Pedodontics Seminar II (1 unit).  A special study concerned with problem-based learning consisting of case presentation by the students following the principles and concepts of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.  Pre-requisite:  Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry Seminar I.

DENT        427         Clinical Dentistry IV (10 units).  Clinical application of the competencies acquired in Clinical Dentistry III.  This is a continuation of the requirements in Clinical Dentistry III.  A validation examination will be given in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Roentgenology.  This examination will be included as part of the requirement in Clinical Dentistry IV and a pre-requisite for graduation.  Pre-requisite:  Clinical Dentistry III.

DENT        428         Geriatric Dentistry Seminar I (1 unit).  Considerations in the diagnosis, treatment planning and management of special populations: the handicapped, hospitalized and geriatric patients.  Pre-requisite:  Clinical Dentistry II.