Doctor of Education (Ed.D), major in: Educational Administration

Revised 2011

Basic Courses                                                              
CGSC 713  Advanced Computer Educations                                   3         
CGSR 711  Advanced Research Methodology                                  3         
CGSS 712  Advanced Statistics                                            3         
Internal Requirement
CGSR 725  Philosophical Perspectives in Adventist                        3
            Education/Health/Christian Economics
Required Education Courses
(For Non-Education Graduates)
EDUG 213  Child and Adolescent Development                               3         
EDUG 322  Principles of Teaching I                                       3         
EDUG 324  Guidance & Counseling w/SPED                                   3         
EDUG 411  Assessment of Learning I                                       3         
Major Courses (any8 of the following)                                 
DOAD 711  Foundations of Educational Management                          3         
DOAD 712  Management of Educational Institutions                         3         
DOAD 713  Advanced Supervisory Practices in Education                    3         
DOAD 722  Advanced Human Resource Management                             3         
DOAD 723  Advanced Financial Management                                  3         
DOAD 811  Advanced Educational Planning                                  3         
DOAD 822  Advanced Context and Practices in Leadership                   3         
DOAD 823  Organizational Behavior/Culture and Climate                    3         
DOAD 812  Total Quality Management                                       3         
Electives (any 4 of the following)                               
DOAD 813  Education and National Development                             3         
DOAD 911  Contemporary Issues in Education                               3         
DOAD 912  Contemporary Teaching Strategies                               3         
DOAD 921  Educational Law and Policy                                     3         
DOAD 922  Field Study                                                    3         
Required Courses
DOAD 913  Philosophy of Man                                              3         
DOAD 914  Advanced Curriculum Development                                3         
DOAD 915  Advanced Integ of Faith & Values in Learning                   3         
CGSD 911  Dissertation Writing I                                         6         
CGSD 922  Dissertation Writing II                                        6
Total academic requirements                                             60 units


Basic Course

CGSC 713 Advanced Computer Education (3 Units) The course is designed to discuss the basic concepts of Information system (IS), Information Technology (IT), communication structure and applications. It focuses on the concepts of IS, components of IT infrastructure like computer, software, communication and networking, internet, etc; and the different applications that are used in computers to support organizational activities for competitive advantage.

Required Courses

DOAD 913  PHILOSOPHY OF MAN (3 Units) A survey of the historical, psychological, and sociological foundations of secular and Christian philosophical perspective of men and their contribution to the underlying philosophy of Adventist education. An examination of the historical role of the Holy Spirit through the Gift of Prophecy and thought leaders involved in the development of Adventist educational philosophy is included.

DOAD 914 ADVANCED CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT (3 units)  The course focuses on curriculum design and enrichment to assist educators concerned the creation and revision of curriculum across three levels of education for successful implementation. Course participant will engage in the practical development of significant curricular designs.

DOAD 915 ADVANCED INTEGRATION OF FAITH AND VALUES IN LEARNING 3 units)  An advanced academic study and evaluation of the philosophical context and practical tools necessary for making connections between faith, values and learning. Emphasis is placed on helping students develop critical thinking and the practical skills needed to evaluate knowledge claims and to integrate all knowledge into a unified whole through the touchstone of Christian faith.

Major Courses

DOAD 711 FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT (3units) Foundations of education management course is a broadly conceived field whose concepts and theory are drawn from strategic management and practically applied to educational context specifically in the administration of schools in such areas as management practices and leadership style and basic functions of managements found within the board frame of comparative, international, global, environmental, and multicultural concerns.

DOAD 712 MANAGEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (3 units) This course focuses directly on major principles and theories of management and elaborate discussion on the functions of management, namely, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It involves also the dimensions of human relations, motivations and evaluation of performance for school improvement.

DOAD 713 ADVANCED SUPERVISORY PRACTICES IN EDUCATION (3 units) A review in detail of the different supervisory functions of faculty development, instructional development, curriculum development, leadership development, education and relevance of research to supervision.

DOAD 722  ADVANCED HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (3 units) This course is designed to equip educational leaders in developing skills relative to personnel function such as recruitment , selection, maintenance, training, compensation, motivations, and separation / retiring of employees.

DOAD 723 ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3 units) This course focuses on essential concepts of financial management and their applications. Course topics include capital budgeting, financing alternatives, management working capital and liquidity, and issues in strengthening the financial condition of an institution.

DOAD 811 ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL PLANNING (3 units) A comprehensive study of the concepts, nature, functions, and process of planning for educational institution. Topic of concern are types of plan and specific steps of planning and the practice of drawing plans for institutional and strategic planning.

DOAD 822 ADVANCED CONTEXT AND PRACTICES IN LEADERSHIP (3 units) This is a course  designed in the study of  the philosophical foundation of Christian Leadership, administration and management practices in the educational institution. Concepts and models from the biblical and Christian leaders shall be highlighted.

DOAD 823 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR/ CULTURE AND CLIMATE (3 units) An in–depth study of integrative management approaches to stakeholders’ satisfaction. The focus is on the reason for total quality in higher education, the how’s of quality, total quality and organizational behavior, and total quality and strategic management to create a more effective and efficient educational system.

DOAD 812 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (3 units) This courseaddresses the measurement and improvement of quality in educational institutions. Given the tremendous pressure currently imposed on educational leaders to decrease cost, while increasing quality, this course is an essential element of educational administrative training. Included are all commonly used principles and practices of quality management in the educational system.

Elective Courses

DOAD 813 EDUCATIONAL AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (3 units) This course deals with the concept of educational and development in the context of relationship in terms of cause and effect situation. It gives emphasis on the role and functions of education as a cause for national development - social, political and economic dimensions.

DOAD 911 CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN EDUCATION (3 units)This course is designed to address contemporary issues in education, particularly those issues that effect the philosophy, vision-mission, goals and objectives of the Adventist Educational system. Issues related to priorities, method, strategies, and leadership in organization are of great concern for Asian Countries and for the church.

DOAD 912 CONTEMPORARY TEACHING STRATEGIES (3 units) An in-depth study is designed to broaden the instructional repertoire of teachers and educational leaders in improving the teaching-learning process through a thorough knowledge on theories of learning, decision-making abilities, human relation skills, and communication techniques, resulting in enhanced learning for students.

DOAD 921 EDUCATIONAL LAW AND POLICY (3 units) An in-depth analysis of educational laws of the country based on the constitution, laws enacted by the legislature, decisions made by the judiciary, and executive order released by the executive office of the president for execution and implementation. Moreover, pertinent policies by the church to guide the direction of the educational institution are analyzed.    

Prerequisite: Legal Bases of Education

DOAD 922 FIELD STUDY (3 units) This is a supervised application of learned concepts, theories, and principles of educational administration by the student in a particular approved learning school in any level with more meaningful participation in directed service learning activities.