Y. Graduation

Graduation exercises take place in May and clearance forms must be accomplished.  Only students who have completed all the requirements for graduation, including their bound thesis/dissertation copies, FS, Community Projects and CDs (one week before graduation) will be conferred their respective degrees during graduation exercises.

Y.1. Regulations

  1. All transfer of credits must have been approved.
  2. There should be no incomplete grades.
  3. Students are expected to participate in all activities associated with graduation unless they are granted permission to graduate in absentia.
  4. Participation in the commencement program requires that the bound thesis/dissertation must have been edited and submitted to the office of the CGS Director one week before graduation.
  5. Students must secure financial clearance from the Director of Student Finance before they can participate in the graduation exercises and receive a diploma.
  6. The grade requirement for graduation is either an over-all grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or above or no grades lower than B-. Only one C+ grade in electives, cognates, or general courses is acceptable.

Specifically, the following are the graduation requirements for December, May and Intersemester:

December and May Graduates

- Completed all requirements

- GPA should be at least 3.00; lowest grade of B- for majors and one C+ for elective courses

- Settlement of Account

- Must have submitted bound copies of FS/Thesis/Dissertation

   - Deadline: One week before graduation

Intersemester Graduates

- Must have defended Dissertation, Thesis or FS

- Enroll Residency

Y.2. Procedures

  1. A request for graduation must be made on an official Graduation Application.  The student must turn in the Graduation Application before the final oral defense of his thesis/dissertation.
  2. On this form the student must secure the approval of his adviser, department chair, dean, and the CGS Director.

Listed below are the specific procedures involved in approving candidates for graduation:




1. Updating of checklists

Department Chair

Every semester

2. Application for graduation

Department Chair

Upon enrolment

3. Approval of application

    for graduation

College Dean

On or before the last Friday of September (for December and May Candidates)

4. Confirmation of application


On or before 2nd Friday of October

5. Final approval of

    candidates for graduation

    and honors

Academic Council and confirmed by the Registrar

- December Graduate: 3rd

  Tuesday of December

- May & Intersemester 

  Graduates: 3rd Tuesday of


6. Final list of graduates and Honors

VP Academics Office

Before the graduation rehearsal

Y.3. Fees

Graduation fee shall apply to all candidates including those graduating in absentia.

Y4. Graduation with Honors

The following are the bases in giving academic distinction to graduate students: 

                                  Research Program                             Professional Program

                        Component                  Weight             Component                  Weight

                        Course Work               60%                 Course Work                  75%

                        Research                      30%                 WCE                           25%

                        WCE                           10%                                                   

                                                            ------                                                   ---------

                                                            100%                                                   100%

A student is graduated with academic distinction, if the following conditions are met:

  1. Residency
  2. No repeated and/or dropped courses, no INC, no repeated WCE, nor repeated oral defense (title, proposal, or final)
  3. Course is completed within the residency period
  4. Acceptable citizenship
  5. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) and lowest grade of:

                      Research Program

                           Weighed GPA                    Lowest Grade      Academic Honors

                                3.85-4.00                                A-                 Summa Cum Laude

                                 3.70-3.84                                B+                Magna Cum Laude

                                 3.55-3.69                                B                  Cum Laude

                                 3.55 and above               not required          Dean’s Award

                        Professional Program

                             Weighed GPA                    Lowest Grade      Academic Honors

                                 4.00                                       A                 Summa Cum Laude

                                 3.85-3.99                                A-                 Magna Cum Laude

                                 3.70-3.84                                B+                Cum Laude

                                 3.70 and above               not required          Dean’s Award

Y.5. Graduation in Absentia

All graduating students are expected to attend the graduation ceremonies unless granted special permission by the Academic Council to be graduated in absentia. Permission should be sought at least one month before graduation.  Permission will be granted only for reasons considered valid.  The graduation fee will be charged just the same.