X. Adviser’s Role During the Oral Defense

The following roles of the Adviser during the actual oral defense must be observed:

  1. The adviser can ask clarification and/or questions to help the student but not to answer questions for him.
  2. The adviser can join the deliberations before grading the student.
  3. The adviser will be asked to go out during the grading of the paper.

X.1. Criteria in Selecting Qualified English Editors

  1. Has undergone thesis/dissertation/FS/community project writing.
  2. Has a specialization in English or a relevant experience in English editing of publishable articles and manuscripts.
  3. At least an MA degree holder.
  4. Full-time AUP employee, or a retiree who is accessible to the students.
  5. Knowledgeable on AUP style or APA writing.
  6. Should not be a panel member of the student engaging the editing.