T. Written Comprehensive Examinations (WCE)

Masters and doctoral students who have completed the course work are required to take the prescribed WCE.

T.1. Guidelines

  1. A WCE representing the totality of the student’s program shall be taken by all graduate students who have completed all the academic requirements and whose over-all cumulative grade point average (GPA) is not lower than 3.00.
  2. WCE is scheduled every term.
  3. Application forms for WCE are available at the office of the CGS Director.
  4. For the non-thesis program, the students shall be allowed to take WCE provided his respective professors will certify that he is passing in the subjects currently enrolled.
  5. The results of the examination will be communicated in writing by the CGS Director to the student, department chair, dean and RO within two (2) weeks after the examination. The passing mark is B-.
  6. A student who fails the examination can take the examination again.  The grade will either be PASSED OR FAILED. However, if he fails in the first WCE, he will be disqualified for honors.
  7. Failure in any re-examination requires the student to enroll in some major courses with a minimum of 6 units and a maximum of 12 units, as advised by the department chair and dean.

T.2. WCE Fee

The student must pay the WCE fee before taking the exam. The WCE fee is P1,050 for the masters and P2,100 for the doctoral program.

T.3. Special WCE

     A special WCE is allowed when the following situations occur:

  1. students got sick
  2. students retook the examination
  3. death or illness of immediate family members
  4. Other reasons approved by the Graduate Council.

A special exam fee of P1,000 is required in addition to the regular fee.

T.4. WCE Grading System

The grades of students who took the WCE are based on the AUP grading system.

T.5. Procedures for Written Comprehensive Examination (WCE)

  1. The annual schedule of WCE is posted on the bulletin board every last week of January.
  2. The student is required to accomplish and submit the application form for WCE, two (2) weeks before exam.
  3. The Graduate Council approves the names of the candidate who are qualified to take the WCE
  4. The secretary makes and posts the summary of students who are approved to take the WCE on the bulletin board.
  5. The department Chair, upon approval by the College Dean, submits all sealed typewritten examination questions (departmental exam) for each applicant to the CGS Director two (2) days before the exam.
  6. The CGS Director labels all the Comprehensive Exam Booklets with code numbers and administers the WCE on the scheduled date.
  7. After the examination, the CGS Director distributes the Comprehensive Exam Booklets to the respective departments for corporate marking.
  8. The department Chair distributes the Comprehensive Exam Booklets and grade sheets to the respective individual Evaluators for marking.
  9. After two weeks, the department Chair retrieves the Comprehensive Exam Booklets, marking schemes, and individual grading sheets with the corresponding raw scores from the evaluators and submits the same to the College Dean for review.
  10. The department Chair submits both the signed Comprehensive Exam Booklets with the corresponding raw scores and the sample exam questions to the CGS Director for the computation of grades, after the college Dean has reviewed them
  11. Using the declaration form for the Written Comprehensive Exam Result, the CGS Director informs students of the results and provides a copy to the RO, department Chair, and the college Dean.
  12. The CGS Director releases 80% of the total fee to the professors involved in checking examinations and 20% goes to the CGS Trust Fund.