A. Registration

Graduate students seeking admission from AUP must secure an application form online, or from the Registrar’s Office and submit the necessary entrance credentials to the said office.

      All new students must be interviewed by theirrespective Dean/Department Chair/Area Coordinator; and pass the Graduate Admission and English Proficiency Tests administered by the Guidance Office.

Students are officially registered upon receipt of the registration card stamped by the Registrar’s Office and the Accounting Office. Students are not allowed to attend class unless officially enrolled.

A.1.  Registration Guidelines For Off-site Learning

Off-site learning is an innovative mode of delivery to assist employees of sister institutions. Classes are held in AUP and in other off-site venues.

     Preliminary Activities:

1.      There should be an approved and notarized Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

2.      The Department Chair accepts,screens and submitsall the application forms and other necessary documents to the Registrar’s office.

3.      The dDepartment Chair coordinates with the Guidance Office to conduct the English Proficiency Exam and Psychological Tests to all applicants.

4.      The Department Chair prepares the course offerings for the whole program.

5.      The Department Chair meets the students for orientation about the academic policies.

            Before the Class Starts:

1.      The Department Chair facilitatesthe enrollment of the students and submitsthe forms to the Registrar’s office along with  the summary of enrollment.

2.      The Dpartment Chair provides the accounting office the enrollment list with the corresponding institutional charges and/or remittances per term.

3.      No direct payment of fees/dues will be collected from the students of off-site learning except for library fees, comprehensive exam fees, graduation fees, and clearance fees which should be paid to the AUP cashier’s office. All students of the off-site learning pay the fees/dues through the sponsoring institutions.

4.      The Department Chair ensures that the approved course syllabus of the assigned professor will be distributed to the students at least two weeks before the class starts during the term.

            At the End of Each Class:

1.      The department chair ensures that the assigned professor for the subject submits the following documents: sample exam, sample exam script, sample class project/research, grade sheet, class record, pictures and/or any documentation related to the class activities (e.g. symposium, field trip, forum, field work)

2.      The department chair facilitatesthe approval and submission of the grade sheet to the college dean and the Registrar’s office.

3.      The department chair furnishes a copy of the approved grade sheet to the sponsoring institution/group.

4.      The department chair facilitatesthe processing of honorarium as soon as the required documents are accomplished by the professor.