A. Policy on Major’s Forum

This is a monthly academic meeting of majors and the faculty of a department. Issues related to students’ academic life are discussed by the department chair with the assistance of the faculty. Topics for discussion and activities may include updates on academic and departmental policies, student problems and concerns, professional growth seminars, research colloquia, inspirational/motivational programs, etc.

            Schedule of Activities

1st Forum        - Election/Induction of officers / Presentation of departmental plans

2nd Forum        - Review of Academic Policies

3rd Forum         - Professional Growth Seminar or

                        - Research Colloquium

                           (teachers present researches to the majors or vice versa) or

                        - Inspirational/Motivational programs

                           (successful graduates or topnotchers will be invited to speak)

                        - Evaluation of student’s performance for the semester

                        - Reminders on the completion of the students’ requirements

                        - Discussions on other concerns to improve the academic life of students

                           for the next semester