F. Academic Qualifications for Students’ Participation in Co-Curricular Activities

The participation of students to different co-curricular activities is essential for their professional growth and training as coupled with sound academic backgrounds. These policies enable the participation of students to be in line with the current University goals and objectives.


Several functioning groups exist which are relevant to both the academe and the general community.  University-wide organizations include:

Student Association

The SA is the “central student government and the… supreme body and official representative of the students.”

University Voice (UV)

The UV stands as the official publication of the Student Association (SA).

Senior Class Organization

This organization is the active group for graduating seniors.

Specialized Groups

These refer to the official singing groups, varsity sports groups, and other specialized representations duly recognized by the Student Services Office.

Professional Clubs

These are the department and college organizations which strengthen the professional training and support systems of the students.


Personal Qualifications.  A student who vies for or is voted into a leadership position must:

a.       be a bona fide member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the case of a president, vice-president (religious), editor-in-chief, playing coach, chairperson, or class pastor.  Other positions are open regardless of religious affiliations;

b.      be a resident student for at least three (3) semesters for university-wide organizations;

c.       be officially enrolled in a department or college; and

d.      be of good standing.

Grading Requirement

Academic standing is of great importance among student leaders, with grades reflective of both intellectual competence and responsibility.  The student must:

a.       have a GPA of no less than 3.40 and the lowest grade of B- if in the position of president, vice-president, editor-in-chief, playing coach, chairperson, or any position belonging to the highest among executive functions;

b.      have a GPA of no less than 3.00 and the lowest grade of B- if in the position of secretary, treasurer, staff editor, vice-chairperson, or any position belonging to the lower ranks of the hierarchy; and,

c.       have no INCs, NCs, or Dropped, during the semester or year wherein the position is held, except for practicum and research.

Subject Load

To function as a leader, the student must have the following qualifications in terms of semestral load:

a.       for the SA, UV and university-wide leadership, the student should not be enrolled in practicum, internship, or on-the-job training during any one of the two semesters, except when the said academic requirements are done on campus, or nearby communities such as Puting Kahoy, Lumil, Tartaria, or Sto. Domingo;

b.      the same is true with professional clubs and specialized groups. (refer to a)

Leadership Points System

Student vying for or are assigned both in university-wide and college-based leadership positions are given the following points:







Vice President












Class Pastor









Other positions not executive



A maximum of 100 points is allowed for any student leader to hold different positions in a given term.  These points do not influence in any way his final grades.  However, these may be used to compute for points needed to evaluate those who are aiming for leadership awards.

Regular Participants

Although participation and membership to co-curricular activities are entirely voluntary, several guidelines are put in place to aid in evaluating the effectiveness of the student in the said activities.  Members who may be deficient in any of these areas are advised to undergo remediation or counseling through the Student Services Office.

Personal Qualifications.  A member of co-curricular organizations must:

a.       abide by the standards of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, notwithstanding religious affiliations;

b.      be officially enrolled in a college or department; and

c.       be of good standing.

Grade Requirement.  A regular member of co-curricular organizations must:

a.       have a passing grade of at least 85% in the subjects taken.

b.      have only NCs or INCs for applicable situations, with only 15% of the subjects taken on the semester he is a member; and

c.       no failing grades while a member of the co-curricular organization.

Unit Load.  The member must be enrolled in at least three (3) units during the semester of his membership.