C. ESL (English as second language) Course

C.1. This is a one-semester pre-academic course of students limited to Beginner Level in English. It provides basic functional instruction and practice in ESL (listening, pronunciation, speaking, grammar, spelling, writing, reading, vocabulary, and conversation).

C.2. ENSL 100 is a course designed to help non-English speaking students.

Course No.                :          ENSL 100A, ENSL 100B, ENSL 100C, ENSL 100D

Course Title               :          Foundation in ESL (English as a Second Language)

No. of units               :          12

For visa application   :          15

Maximum no. of

students in a class      :          20

Class Meeting            :          Monday to Thursday

Laboratory Fee          :          Present rate

C.3. Subject Matters

c.3.1  Listening, Pronunciation, and Speaking

c.3.2  Grammar, Spelling, and Writing

c.3.3  Reading and Vocabulary

c.3.4  Conversation

c.3.5. Aqua aerobics

c.3.6. Work Education

C.4. The Teachers

  1. The English Department’s full-time permanent faculty willing to teach students in the Beginner Level in English will handle the class, but preferably one with an ESL or EFL preparations/qualifications.
  2. A full-time/part-time ESL teacher or graduate assistant to be paid on an hourly basis, as needed.

C.5.  Procedures

New Students

  1. New applicants (foreign students) have to be interviewed by the personnel in the Records and Admissions Office.
  2. Application forms of non-English speakers will be stamped “TO PASS ESL COURSE.” Applicants will be directed to the English Department for enrollment.
  3. Students will not take the English placement test yet.
  4. Non-English speaking students have to enroll in a 12-unit ESL Course, two-units of Aqua Aerobics (PE), and Work Education I (1 unit) with a total of 15 units to qualify for student visa application.
  5. After a semester in the ESL Course, the student is allowed to join the mainstream. A certificate of achievement and a recommendation on the number of units to be enrolled will be issued by the English department chair.
  6. After the student completes the ESL program, he is now allowed to take the English placement test and may enroll in Communication Arts I based on the score he has obtained in the test (0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50-100). The student who obtains a score within the 50-100 range has to enroll in the regular Communication Arts I.  In addition to Communication Arts 1, he may enroll in other subjects.

Old Students

  1. Subject teachers recommend to the Chair the students who need the ESL course.
  2. The Chair requires the students to take the 12-unit ESL course with PE I (2 units) and Work Ed I (1 unit) making it to a total of 15 units to qualify for a visa.