Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management



1st Semester

RELB 110  Life and Teachings of Jesus                                          3

ENGL 101  Communication Arts I                                                 3

FILI 111  Sining ng Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino                       3

MATH 111  College Algebra                                                      3

HIST 101  Philippine History                                                   3

BCOM 111  Fund. of Business Organization & Management                          3

VOED 101  Food Production                                                      2

PHED      Physical Education I                                                 2

          NSTP 1                                                               1.5

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

               Total                                                          23.5

2nd Semester

RELB 113  Christian Beliefs                                                    3

ENGL 102  Communication Arts II                                                3

FILI 122  Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik                            3

MKTG 121  Principles of Marketing                                              3

SOSC 102  Politics of Gov. w/ Phil. Constitution                               3

BCOM 121  Basic Economics for Business                                         3

VOED 102  Keyboarding                                                          2

PHED      Physical Education II                                                2

          NSTP II                                                              1.5

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

BCOM 123  Commerce Chorus                                                      1

               Total                                                          24.5


RELB 123  Denominational History                                               3

PSYC 111  General Psychology w/ Drug Prevention                                3

BCMP 100  Fundamentals of Microcomputer Applications w/

                        Word Processing & Power Point                          3

               Total                                                           9


1st Semester

LITT 201  Philippine Literature                                                3

BCOM 212  Money, Credit, and Banking                                           3

BCOM 202  Human Resources Management                                           3

MKTG 212  Marketing and Sales Management                                       3

BCMP 103  Electronic Spreadsheets                                              3

BACT 101  Principles of Accounting I                                           6

PHED      Physical Education III                                               2

WOED 101  Work Education I

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

               Total                                                          23

2nd Semester

ENGL 202  Reading & Speech                                                     3

RELB 124  Philosophy of Adventist Education                                    2

MKTG 222  Consumer Behavior and Motivation                                     3

BCMP 128  Desktop Publishing                                                   3

BACT 121  Principles of Accounting II                                          6

PHED      Physical Education IV                                                2

BCOM 224  Production and Operations Mgt.                                       3

MUCH 106  Ministry of Music                                                    2

WOED 102  Work Education II

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

               Total                                                          24


BIOL 104  Human Anatomy and Physiology w/ FP                                   3

PHYS 311  Earth Science                                                        3

SOSC 201  Life and Works of Rizal                                              3

               Total                                                           9


1st Semester

RELB 220  Daniel and Revelation                                                3

BACT 305  Law on Obligations & Contracts                                       3

BCMP 324  E-Commerce                                                           3

MATH 273  Quantitative Analysis for Business                                   3

MKTG 312  Cost and Pricing Management                                          3

BCOM 312  Management of Cooperatives                                           3

BCOM 313  Financial Management I                                               3

BACT 408  Income Taxation                                                      3

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

OUTR 311  Outreach

               Total                                                          24

2nd Semester

RELB 216  Personal Evangelism                                                  2

BUAD 160  Business Administrative Communication                                3

BACT 306  Law on Business Organization                                         3

BACT 407  Sales, Agency, and other Commercial Laws                             3

BCMP 411  Management Information Systems                                       3

BCOM 322  Business Ethics with Human Relations                                 3

MKTG 332  Distribution Management                                              3

BCOM 324  Financial Management II                                              3

BCOM 326  Mgt. of Org/Enterprise/Small Business                                3

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

               Total                                                          23


BCOM 401  Business Research w/ Feasibility Study                               3


1st Semester

FILI 203  Masining na Pagpapahayag                                             3

LITT 404  World Literature                                                     3

FADD 211  Digital Drawing I w/ Computer Laboratory                             3

DEVC 230  Fundamentals of Community Broadcasting                               3

MKTG 412  Advertising & Sales Promotion Management                             3

MKTG 414  Marketing Research and Production Planning                           3

MKTG 416  International Marketing                                              3

BCOM 417  Practicum I (Actual Business Management)                             3

CHAP 101  Chapel Convocation

FORA 101  Departmental Forum

               Total                                                          24

2nd Semester

BCOM 428  Practicum II (On-the-Job Training)                                   3


A. General Education Requirements                                            (71)

B. Internal Requirements                                                     (25)

C. Major Courses                                                             (33)

Marketing and Sales  Management                                           3

Consumer Behavior and Motivation                                          3

Production and Operations Management                                      3

Cost and Pricing Management                                               3

Management of  Cooperatives                                               3

Distribution Management                                                   3

Financial Management II                                                   3

Management of Org./Enterprise/Small Business                              3

Advertising and Sales Promotion Management                                3

Marketing Research and Production Planning                                3

International Marketing                                                   3

D. Cognates                                                                  (51)

Fundamentals  of   Business Organization. and Management                  3

Principles of Marketing                                                   3

Basic Economics for Business                                              3

Money,  Credit, and Banking                                               3

Financial Management I                                                    3

Human Resources Management                                                3

Business Ethics with Human Relations                                      3

Business Research with Feasibility Study                                  3

Principles of Accounting I                                                3

Principles of Accounting II                                               3

Income Taxation                                                           3

Law on Obligations and Contracts                                          3

Sales, Agency, and Other Commercial Laws                                  3

Practicum I (Actual Business Management)                                  3

Practicum II (On-the-Job Training)                                        3

E. Electives                                                                 (10)

Business  Administrative Communication                                    3

Fundamentals of Community Broadcasting                                    3

Digital Drawing with Computer Lab.                                        3

Commerce Chorus                                                           1

Total number of units required for the degree                                190 units


BCOM 111           FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT (3 units)–  This course  aims to acquaint  students with  fundamental requirements  in organizing a business enterprise.  It provides background on the development of business culture and introduces the underlying concepts of organization and management.  It covers the general area of management including the fundamental management functions and touches on the areas of personnel, financial, materials, procurement, production, and marketing management.

BCOM 121           BASIC ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS ( 3 units )-  This course introduces the students two important parts of the study of economics -  microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Macroeconomics focuses on the study of the decisions of individual households and firms.  It includes also the study of the way the individual markets work, and the detailed way the regulation and taxes affect the allocation of labor, goods, and services.  Topics related to technological change, production and consumption, and wages and earnings are part of this subject.  Macroeconomics on the other hand focuses on the study of the overall level of activity –unemployment, aggregate income, average prices, inflation, and other areas dealing with differences in wealth among nations.

BCOM 121 A       INTRODUCTION TO MACROECONOMICS, THEORY & PRACTICE (3 units) - This course is a study of national economic issues and measures of performance.  The focus is on national income accounting and determination.  Students are introduced to problems pertaining to unemployment and inflation, expenditure decisions, aggregate demand management, unemployment trade imbalances, income distribution, fiscal and monetary policies, and the global environment.

BCOM 123           COMMERCE CHORUS (1 unit) – This course develops students in singing religious songs and be able to participate in mass choir, render special number in departmental forum, outreach, and other opportunities for witnessing.

BCOM 211           MONEY, CREDIT, AND BANKING (3 units) – This course introduces the concepts, principles, and practices on the use of money, credit, and banking and their relevance to the present social and economic conditions.  It discusses the different kinds and uses of money, lending, central banking, and an overview of different financial institutions and the services they offer.

BCOM 212           HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT ( 3 units )  - This course presents the conceptual framework for the students to grasp the big picture or the broader scheme of human resources management functions.  Emphasis is based on the premise that three critical strategic objectives guide all human resources management functions: productivity, quality of work life, and profitability.  It provides the backdrop against which students will explore the nature and content of each human resources management function.  The relationship of these three goals should strengthen the students’ perception of human resources management as an important function affecting individuals, organizations, and society.  Prerequisite:   Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management

BCOM 222           MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATIONS WITH PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT (3 units)– This course introduces the students to the concepts and theories of management of human behavior in organizations.  It covers motivation, group and work group behavior, leadership and power,  management of culture, management of conflict, management of change, organizational development, and career, time and stress management.  The course enables the students to differentiate the conceptual/theoretical application in small/medium/large-scale industry.  It looks into the various organizational behavior and relates the individual workers’ values, attitudes, and adjustment patterns to work. It includes also special topics in personality development.  Prerequisite:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management.

BCOMM 224       PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (3 units) - This course covers the principles and concepts on general management, cost accounting, industrial engineering, and quantitative methods in business.  This subject presents the primary activities of the operations function in organization.  The operations function is an exciting area of management that has a profound effect on both production and productivity.  It includes also discussion and examples for both manufacturing and service business organizations.  It gives emphasis on the production and operation activities such as forecasting, choosing a location for an office or plant, allocating resources, designing products and services which are often strategic issues in business organizations.  Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management and Basic Economics for Business.

BCOM 312           MANAGEMENT OF COOPERATIVES (3 units)– This course deals with the study of the importance of cooperatives in the country, how it is organized and how it is managed.  A study of the principles governing organization and management of cooperatives touching on the methods of raising its capital, the manner of administering its operations and the sharing of whatever benefits that arise from its activities.  The course touches on the history of the origin of cooperatives, its growth and development in the various countries and how it has contributed to the promotion of the well-being of its members.  It dwells on how cooperatives can help in providing solution to many of the economic problems now confronting the Philippine society.  Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Principles of Marketing, and Basic Economics for Business.

BCOM 313           FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT I (3 units)- This course focuses on introduction to managerial finance, important financial concepts, and long-term investment decisions. It covers the role and environment  of managerial finance, financial statements and analysis, and cash flow and  financial planning, time value of money, risk and return, interest rates and bond valuation, stock valuation, capital budgeting  cash flows, capital budgeting techniques, and risk and refinements in capital budgeting.   Prerequisite:  Principles of Accounting I and II.

OUTR 311            OUTREACH (0 unit)- This course introduces the students to the reality of community atmosphere surrounding the business environment. It orients the students to observe and spot the actual needs, problems, and status of major composition of the community and guides them on how to serve, help, and provide care for the needy.

BCOM 322           BUSINESS ETHICS WITH HUMAN RELATIONS (3 units)- This course provides framework that includes the basic understanding on the nature of man as center of all values.  It is designed to inculcate to the students, the importance of ethics in building business relations with the customers, suppliers, stockholders, and the government in the attainment of the objectives of the organization.  It aims to know the philosophical nature and purpose of business in the society, interrelationship of business ethics and organizational performance, ethical issues that business and global economy face today, and application of ethical principles and ethical decision making in business.  Prerequisite:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management.

BCOM 323 INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (3 units) - This course covers the fundamentals of investing, ranging from descriptive materials on how securities are bought and sold (investment environment) to theoretical materials on how securities are valued in an efficient financial market (investment process).  It includes also securities and other investment opportunities which will be analyzed in terms of the risks and rates of return an investor can expect to obtain from them.  It gives emphasis on tools and strategies to reduce risks, overview of the investment alternatives, and management strategies.  Prerequisite:  Principles of Accounting I and II.

BCOM 324           FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT II (3 units)- This course deals with long-term financial decisions, short-term financial decisions, and special topics in managerial finance.  It covers the cost of capital, leverage and capital structure, dividend policy, working capital and current assets management, current liabilities management, hybrid and derivative securities, mergers, leveraged buyouts (LBO’S), divestitures, and business failure, and international managerial finance.  Prerequisite:  Financial Management I.

BCOM 326           MANAGEMENT OF ORGANIZATION/ ENTERPRISE/SMALL BUSINESS (3 units)- This course intends to provide students knowledge on how to organize, operate, and manage small business enterprises.  Current methods and practices of solving problems generally encountered in the operation of small business involving planning, legal requirements, finance, sources of capital and government provided technical assistance are discussed.  Other topics include personnel needs, purchasing, selling, taxation, insurance, and other related matters. Special emphasis is placed on the strategic management process and use of a business plan for the small business. Prerequisites:    Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Sales Management, and Production and Operations Management.

BCOM 401           BUSINESS RESEARCH WITH FEASIBILITY (3 units)- This course intends to orient students on how to do the business researches specifically on the preparation of Project Feasibility Study.    It deals with the study and understanding of the processes of research methodology to develop research competence in the functional areas of management such as marketing, production, organization, and financial aspects. Pre-requisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Principles of Marketing, Financial Management, Production Management, Principles of Accounting, Business Law, Taxation, Basic Economics for Business, Quantitative Techniques in Business, and Language (English).

BCOM 414           ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT WITH TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (3 units)– This course covers mapping the territory, foundations of organization development and transformation, and fundamental interventions.  It further discusses the vital aspects, assumptions, issues, processes, strategies and interventions, dilemmas, and requirements of this emerging discipline. It includes also the TQM process, its planning, and implementation of theories of leading  TQM proponents, TQM tools and methods including concurrent engineering, benchmarking, quality function deployment, statistical process control, and development and implementation of the improvement process. Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Human Resources Management,  Marketing and Sales Management, Management of Human Behavior in Organizations with Personality Development, Production and Operations Management, Management of Cooperatives, Investment Management, Financial Management I and II, and Management of  Organization/Enterprise/Small Business.

BCOM 415           CONTROLLERSHIP (3 units) – This course covers the  organization for administration and control, control tools and techniques, issues in control, the auditor’s consideration of the internal control structure, internal control in an EDP environment, and internal control questionnaires or checklists– organizational structure, purchasing and inventories, payrolls, cash disbursements, revenues and receivables, plant and equipment, investments, and cash receipts.  Prerequisites:  Principles of Accounting I and II, Financial Management I and II, Income Taxation, and Investment Management

BCOM 416           BUSINESS POLICY AND STRATEGIC PLANNING (3 units) - This course is concerned with the strategic management of business, problems in the organization and administration, planning and formulation of policies, and decision making. An integrated approach is utilized in policy making, organization, resource management and utilization by viewing these functions from the company-based perspectives.  Problems are handled analytically, business issues and strategies are studied, and alternatives solutions are developed to arrive at sound decisions.  This course makes an extensive use of case studies. Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Principles of Accounting, Financial Management, and Business Ethics with Human Relations.

BCOM 417           PRACTICUM I – Actual Business Management (3 units)– This course offers business students the opportunity to prepare for greater endeavors after graduation..  This will provide them to gain experience in managing their own business in the future.

BCOM 428           PRACTICUM II – On-the-Job Training (3 units)– This course intends to provide the students actual office practice and field experience under the close supervision of qualified business personnel.

BCHR 421            FOOD PREPARATION, SANITATION, AND SAFETY WITH LABORATORY (3 units)-  This course focuses on the study of the principles underlying the preparation and cooking of  different classes of food, their composition, structures and market forms.  Emphasis is based on the principles underlying preparation and cooking in order to maintain quality, palatability, nutritive value and acceptability of meals.  Laboratory experience will include the preparation of basic recipes to apply the above principles.

            This course aims also at giving the students an understanding of the study of the physical, chemical and biological changes of foods as they go undergo various stages of food processing and storage.  Emphasis is given to the various microorganisms that are useful and harmful in food preservation.  Food preservation techniques at the home and community levels using indigenous foods will be done in the laboratory to apply the principles and methods of processing.

BCHR 422            FRONT OFFICE AND HOUSEKEEPING MANAGEMENT (3 units) – This  course covers the introduction to hospitality, categories of room division management, organizational structure, housekeeping quality standards, sanitation in housekeeping, housekeeping control reports, housekeeping terminologies, cleaning equipment and agent, and cleaning procedures and techniques.

BCHR 423            CATERING, QUANTITY FOOD PRODUCTION, AND BEVERAGE SERVICE MANAGEMENT WITH LABORATORY (3 units )  – This course includes the principles, techniques and management of large-scale food production particularly on the phases of food service cycle: menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage and issuance, pre-preparation, production, merchandising and service, food safety and sanitation, and cost control.  Laboratory experiences include cycle menu planning, standardization and quantification of recipes, portion control and utilization of leftover food.

            This course deals also with efficient management of time, energy of time, energy, and resources in planning, preparation, and service occasion. Emphasis is given to the principles of meal planning, economical purchasing of food, proper storage of food supplies, efficient and sanitary meal preparation, service and cleaning, and the traditional table service as well as regional variations will be discussed.  Laboratory experiences include application of the above principles of menu planning, purchasing, preparation and service of different styles of meal service.

BCHR 424            TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY (3 units)– This course presents the  study of contemporary forms of  tourism, including ecotourism, heritage tourism, and educational travel, which have their own impacts, management and planning needs, and which differ notably from the traditions of mass tourism. It includes also an overview of the hospitality industry, with special emphasis on hotel, restaurant, tourism, recreation, and leisure.  Topics include history, principles, practices, philosophies, systems, description, and interrelationships of hospitality components and the social forces that impact this industry.

BCHR 426            COVENTIONS AND MEETINGS MANAGEMENT (3 units) – This course focuses on planning and managing successful events such as conferences, conventions, and business meetings.  During the course, students will learn how to develop an event vision, create an event budget, manage vendor contracts, and market their event.  Students will also explore career opportunities available in this field and emerging trends for the future.

BCHR 428            MANAGEMENT OF HOTEL AND RESTAURANT (3 units)– This course is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge needed to advance rapidly through the ranks to rewarding and responsible management positions in the future. It also introduces the students on the practical aspects of successfully launching and managing hotel and restaurant. Special emphasis is placed on organization and operation, finance, control, and the strategic management process and use of a business plan. Pre-requisites:  Fundamentals of Business Organization and Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Sales Management, and Production and  Operations Management.

MKTG 121          PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING (3 units)– This course  is designed to familiarize students with a variety of marketing principles, concepts, theories, and models as they apply to different marketing problems.  It includes also the study and analysis of the market, marketing mix (4 Ps – product, place, promotion, and price), international, and service marketing.

MKTG 212          MARKETING AND SALES MANAGEMENT (3 units) - This course presents the study of planning,   organization and control of marketing operations. It covers the formulation of marketing plans and programs, budgeting, marketing control, and conduct and evaluation of marketing research.  Other topics include the principles and methods of sales organization and management, development of sales strategies, policies, techniques of sales planning, development of sound working methods and systems, management control, and compensation of the sales force. Prerequisite:  Principles of Marketing.

MKTG 222          CONSUMER   BEHAVIOR  AND   MOTIVATION ( 3units )–  This course focuses on the impact of the digital revolution on consumer behavior, the consumer as an individual, consumers in their social and cultural settings, and the consumer’s decision-making process.  It introduces the reasonably comprehensive description of the various behavioral concepts and theories that have been found useful for understanding consumer behavior.  It presents examples of how these concepts have been utilized in the development of marketing strategy, and finally gives activities to students, and requires them to apply the concepts in analyzing cases. Pre-requisite:  Principles of Marketing

MKTG 312          COST AND PRICING MANAGEMENT (3 units)- This course brings excitement to students not only because of dramatic changes in the marketplace – providing value to customers, total quality management, time as a competitive element, advanced information and manufacturing technology, globalization of markets, service industry growth, and mortality management; but also each student brings experience as a consumer and become active participants in the learning process.  Those changes in the business environment over past two decades have profoundly affect cost/price management.  In studying the subject, its focus will be more on the traditional and contemporary cost accounting and price and marketing management.  Prerequisite:  Principles of Marketing.

MKTG 322          DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT  ( 3 units )-This course introduces the students to the challenging career of distribution potential for those with the desire to enter distribution career in a constantly changing environment armed with proper knowledge and  background skills to compete effectively in a growing professional arena.  It orients the students how to think strategically at decision making task of distribution from the point of production to the hands of the ultimate consumer.  Prerequisite:  Principles of Marketing.

MKTG 412          ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION MANAGEMENT (3 units)– This course prepares the students for the new world of advertising and promotions.  It examines the role of promotions in marketing and introduces the concept of marketing communication, its program situation analysis, communication process, and methods of monitoring, evaluation and control. It includes also segmentation and positioning, branding, media planning and strategy, creative strategy, planning an advertising campaign, and advertising research.   Sales promotion includes the study of consumer behavior and how promotion affect sales.  Prerequisite:  Principles of Marketing.

MKTG 414          MARKETING RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION PLANNING (3 units)– This course aims to provide students with the fundamental skills in research design and analysis necessary for marketing decisions.  Business and industry call for reaching the end users and for satisfying them with the quality and usefulness of what is produced or served through production planning.  Prerequisites:  Principles of Marketing, Marketing and Sales Management, and Consumer Behavior and Motivation.

MKTG 416          INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (3 units) – This course covers the fundamentals of globalizing marketing, foreign entry, local marketing, and global management. Emphasis is given to the nature of international marketing and export management, the uncontrollable environment in which an international businessperson works.  It also examines the increasingly important roles of international organizations, the international monetary system, and their impact on business. This course also assesses the global market opportunities, and teaches the methods of developing global/international marketing strategies.  It discusses the current marketing practices as well as describing the trends and new directions of international companies.  Prerequisites:  Principles of Marketing and Marketing and Sales Management.