P. Special Class

1. The student to be approved for special class should:

a. Be in the senior year or graduating;
b. Have special need and such need is approved by the department head.

2. The special class must have 2-5 students only. The teacher meets them regularly on an agreed schedule.

3. Those enrolled in this class pay to the cashier the regular tuition fee and an amount of P5,000 (for every 3-unit course), which they share among themselves. The second fee goes to the teacher and the department on a sharing basis of 80% and 20%, respectively.

4. The course is among the offered ones but has to be dissolved due to lack of students.


  • There must be control on the number of students that a teacher will handle.
  • Payment for teachers should be credited to their account.
  • The department chair arranges with the Vice President for Academics the student's request for      independent/tutorial or special class.
  • The student should secure the form from the office of the College Deans.