X. Requirements for Graduation

The following are requirements for graduation:

  1. Completion of the curriculum specified by the department concerned. (Any variation from the specified curriculum is subject to the approval of the Academic Council.)
  2. Attainment of a specified grade point average (GPA) for four-year courses. An overall GPA of 2.25 or above for non-major subjects and a GPA of 2.75 or above for major subjects but no grade lower than C+. For two-year technical education courses: An overall GPA of 2.0 or above for non-major subjects and a GPA of 2.25 or above for major subjects but no grade lower than C-.
  3. The final year in residence. (Transfer students must take at least 36 units or spend one full school year residency, taking 50% of the subjects in the major field.)
  4. Completion of required religion courses.
  5. Completion of required vocational education as specified in the curriculum.
  6. Completion of required work education subjects equivalent to 2 units for two semesters.
  7. Filing of application for graduation at the beginning of the senior year before the close of the first eight (8) weeks.
  8. Graduation application must be approved by the Academic Council.
  9. Membership in the Graduating Class Organization unless exempted by the Academic Council for valid reasons.

All students graduating from AUP are expected to attend the graduation ceremony unless granted specific permission to be graduated in absentia by the respective College Dean.  Graduation fee will be charged to the student graduating in absentia.

Students’ degree certificates/diplomas will be released after attending the graduation ceremonies only unless there was a request for graduation in absentia.

10.  Settlement of Accounts.

Specifically, the following are the graduation requirements for December, May and Intersemester Graduates:

December and May Graduates

- Completed all requirements

- GPA should be at least 2.25

- Settlement of Account

- Deadline: Friday before Graduation Weekend, 12 noon

Intersemester Graduates

- To enroll a maximum of 9-unit coursework

- Must have defended Thesis or FS

- Must have completed at least 75% of OJT/Practicum hours

  and enrolled in Residency

X.1. Procedures in Approving Candidates for Graduation

Listed below are the procedures involved in approving candidates for graduation:




  1. Updating of checklists

Department Chair

Every semester

  1. Application for graduation

Department Chair

Upon enrolment

  1. Approval of application for graduation

College Dean

On or before the last Friday of September (for December and May Candidates)

  1. Confirmation of application


On or before 2nd Friday of October

  1. Final approval of candidates for graduation and honors

Academic Council and confirmed by the Registrar

- December Graduates: 3rd Tuesday of December

- May & Intersemester Graduates: 3rd Tuesday of May

  1. Final list of graduates and Honors

       To include:

  • Name of the student
  • Course/college
  • Honor
  • Nationality
  • Office, if any

VP Academics Office

Friday before Graduation: 12 noon