O. Administering Advance and Late Examinations

  1. The chair must send memos of request to his respective teachers for advanced and late exams two weeks before they are administered.
  2. Teachers should inform their department chairs at least two weeks before the exam schedule that they would be unable to administer the examination on the scheduled date. In cases of emergency, it is the responsibility of the department chair to assign the teacher who will administer the examination as scheduled.
  3. A copy of the teacher’s information that he is unable to administer the test as scheduled should be submitted to the Dean and the VP for Academics. Duplicates of these written requests should be kept in the department’s file for future reference.
  4. A letter of warning from the department should be given to teachers who consistently do not follow exam schedules for at least three consecutive times. The Dean and the VP for Academics should be furnished a copy each of the letter.