Q. Independent Study

  1. The student to be approved for independent study should meet all of the following:
  • Have an over-all GPA of 2.5 or 3.00 for the last two semesters.
  • Be in the senior year or is graduating.
  • Have special needs such as those having practicum, feasibility studies or other school-related activities which would make it impossible for him to attend classes regularly. This should be studied carefully and approved by the department head.
  • The course for the independent study is not among the offered ones unless it is in conflict with letter c.
  1. A maximum of six (6) units only is allowed for independent study
  2. The qualified applicant should pay to the cashier the amount three times the regular tuition fee of the subject and an amount of P5,000. The second fee goes to the teacher and the department on a sharing basis of 80% and 20%, respectively.
  3. The teacher involved should prepare the outline of activities, the academic requirements, and the schedule of consultations.
  4. The department chair (recommends) endorses to the VP for Academics the student who needs independent study.