J. Grading System

The final grades for each term are recorded on the student’s permanent record in the Registrar’s Office and in the AUP Online System (AOLIS). Students of the University with active account in the AOLIS can view their grades in the website (http://www.aup.edu.ph).

Midterm grades are made available to the students by their respective department. The final grades are sent to parents, guardians, or sponsors by the Registrar's office via mail courier.

The equivalent grade percentage and points are as follows:

Numerical Grade

Letter Grade

Percentage Equivalence

Point Equivalence per unit







































74 and below


The Forum, Student Convocation, and Work-Ed grades are:

Excellent                                         Satisfactory

Very Satisfactory                              Poor

Other symbols and meanings that may appear in the grade sheet (transcript) or in the AOLIS are:

INC - Incomplete

NC - No Credit



Final grades are permanent and could only be changed through an approved “Request for Change of Grade.” (AUP-VPA-19)

Further, the following labels are AOLIS generated, temporary and not recorded in the transcript of record:

  1. Enroll – the default label for the currently enrolled courses and replaced at the end of the term.
  2. Deleted/Dissolved – courses in the roster of AOLIS that were removed.
  3. Recheck – a system security check for erroneous encoding. The RO will re-encode the correct final grade based on the grade sheet submitted on file.

J.1.  Components for Grading

The components for grading will include only the following:

              Exams                         Projects

              Assignments                Class Participation

              Quizzes                       Research

The weight requirement for grading is determined by the department or college.

J.2. Provision For Incomplete Grades (INC)

  1. An INC (Incomplete) is a temporary grade given at the discretion of the teacher to students who failed to complete the requirements for the course:
    1. failure to take examinations;
    2. failure to submit class requirements; and
    3. poor performance due to illness, emergencies and other unforeseeable circumstances but not because of :
      1. negligence;
      2. late work; or
      3. low performance.
  2. Grade Sheets with INC grades submitted by the teachers must include an attached “Incomplete Grade Sheet Form” (AUP-VPA-10) that contains the current grade of the student, which becomes his final grade after the probation for the completion of an INC grade expires.
  3. Students with INC grades will not be allowed to process enrolment on the following school term, unlessthe“Completion of Grade Contract” (AUP-VPA-23) is duly signed by both the teacher and the student and approved by the College Dean and VPA. Upon completion, the college Secretary will encode the grade with the Director of Records and Admission (DRA).
  4. As a temporary grade, an INC must be completed within two regular semesters only; otherwise, after one month, the College Secretary, under the supervision of the DRA,will encode the final grade based on the submitted Incomplete Grade Sheet Form (AUP-VPA-10).
  5. Students who receive INCs and did not enroll on the year when the INC grade probation expires, and failed to file a “Completion of Grade Contract” (AUP-VPA-23)will also receive the final grade based on the students’ actual performance as computed or determined by the teacher in the submitted Incomplete Grade Sheet Form (AUP-VPA-10).
  6. Students enrolled in Thesis Writing, Feasibility Study,  OJT, Internship, Practicum, Community Project and Dissertation Writing, but did not complete the requirements within the prescribed period, will also receive INC grades and therefore must file a “Completion of Grade Contract” (AUP-VPA-23).
  7. Students who filed a Completion of Grade Contract  (AUP-VPA-23) and successfully fulfilled the requirements of the course will have a final grade based on the recent computed grade.  The teacher submits the completed “Completion of Grade Contract (AUP-VPA-23) to the College Dean for encoding by the College Secretary at the Registrar’s Office under the supervision of the DRA .
  8. INC grade will have no bearing on the student’s GPA.

J.3. The No Credit (NC) Grade

The No Credit or NC grade is given to a student, in lieu of a final letter grade whose “Petition for an NC Grade” (AUP-VPA-24) was approved for the reason that he failed:

  1. to take the examinations;
  2. to submit class requirements due to illness or any reasonable circumstances;
  3. to perform well due to illness, emergencies and other unexpected circumstances but not because of :
    1. negligence;
    2. late work; or,
    3. low performance

and to do self-assessment that he may not be able to comply with the requirements to pass the course.  This petition must be filed two weeks before the final examination. The course petitioned for NC must be re-enrolled by the student. 

NC is not included in the computation of the GPA but will disqualify the student from the honor roll.

J.4. Grades for Student Convocation

Attendance in student convocations is a part of the academic program of the university. Convocations are provided for the spiritual, academic and social benefits of the school family.

All students are to be given grade in student convocations every semester based on the guidelines set by the Academic Council. These grades are to be reflected in the student’s transcript of records and are to be considered in the awarding of honors.

J.5.  Criteria in Grading Major’s Forum

The grade in Majors' Forum is based on the student's attendance using the following scheme:

Grade                                                Actual Number of Attendance Present         

Excellent                                                        4

Very Satisfactory                                             3

Satisfactory                                                    2

Poor                                                               1

*Students running for honors should have at least a grade of satisfactory.

J.6. Release of Grades

The final grades of the students will be encoded. Scholastic reports or grade slips are issued by the Registrar and recorded for permanent reference every semester. Teachers are to encode their grades with the AOLIS five days after the final examination.

J.7. Change of Grades

Requests for the change of grades should be turned in not later than 30 days after the deadline of submission of grades. If the grades have been sent to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the change of grades will only be possible upon submission of a notarized affidavit showing that the teacher made an error in the computation.

  1. The student should submit a written request for a change of the grade specifying the reasons for such request.
  2. The teacher should submit to his department chair a written explanation why the student’s grade is to be changed or not, along with the student’s request.
  3. The request will then be presented to the department chair and the college dean; then on to the VP Academics for final approval.
  4. All errands and expenses will be shouldered by the teacher who made the mistake in computing the grades.