Y. Academic Recognition

The thrust of Christian education is academic and spiritual excellence.  The objectives are:

  1. To provide special recognition to students of outstanding achievement and scholarly ability to engage in independent study or research.
  2. To encourage students to develop their talents.
  3. To provide students opportunities for enrichment and acceleration in their educational experiences and for intellectual stimulation through interaction among themselves and with their teachers.
  4. To encourage students to consider the moral implications of their intellectual endowments and opportunities in relation to their services to God and mankind.

The criteria for giving honors are:

a. Academic Performance

    a.1. Grades and GPA

                     Academic Honors                   Lowest Grade            Weighted GPA

                     Summa Cum Laude                           B+                         3.80-4.00

                     Magna Cum Laude                            B                           3.60-3.79

                     Cum Laude                                        B-                          3.40-3.59

                     Dean’s Award                           not required                   3.4 and above

a.2.  Grades in Work Education, Majors’ Forum, and Convocations must at least be satisfactory.

a.3.  No dropped subject and no grades recorded as NC. 

b.  For transferees, they must have taken eighty percent (80%) of their credits (equivalent to seven semesters) at AUP.

c. Has commendable citizenship record from the Student Services Office (SSO).