College of Business


The College of Business envisions to be a center of world-class Christian education preparing students to be effective forces against the rising tide of moral decay and active agents for economic growth.


The  College of Business commits to train and develop highly motivated professionals with spiritual and moral strenght and virtues, academically prepared that will enable them to function effectively in their respective professions in the SDA institutions, private and business industries, and in government institutions.


Towards academic excellence, the College of Business aims to:

  1. Render Christ-centered service to humanity;
  2. Promote interest in business education, professional development and academic excellence;
  3. Develop advanced critical thinking, conceptual and analytical skills;
  4. Develop the appreciation of cultural, ethical, and global issues and their impact on business theory and practices;
  5. Enhance skills necessary for effective decision-making in complex environment through integrating theoretical insights with practical knowledge so as to strengthen ability to perform in the workplace;
  6. Provide transfer of technology within and outside the SDA church organization
  7. Encourage students to excel in their field of specialization;

In addition to the above mentioned objectives for all COB students, the following specific objectives were established for the graduate students:

  1.  Assume leadership toward the attainment of global and national development goals and social transformation;
  2. Prepare students to handle research, consultancy, university teaching, and senior management positions;
  3. Produce graduates who can contribute to the advancement of their professions and to the expansion of knowledge relating to current theories, practices, and issues in business;
  4. Provide a thorough knowledge of scientific and scholarly research methods and their application in the business setting; and
  5. Increase participation of Christian business scholars in the “academy” of higher education.